CIL-NET Presents…an IL Conversation via Teleconference Sexual Violence and People with Disabilities: An Ongoing Issue Presented by Stephanie Sanford, JusticeNow Consulting, Shelby Grau, J.D. and Gary West, J.D., Kansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault June 27, 2012 3:00 – 4:30PM Eastern

Join us to learn: What the prevalence of sexual violence is against people with disabilities. The ways in which organizations can promote safety in policy and practice. Potential legal options for sexual violence survivors. The importance of CILs in addressing violence in the lives of people with disabilities. How to connect with other organizations in your local community. Join the conversation via the APRIL Bridge line at 218.339.2699, using pin code 922899. To access the CART and print materials on June 27th, and the audio recording and transcript following the teleconference, log on to There is NO Registration Fee for this Teleconference. Please do not use cell or speaker phones as this may distort the audio quality. This is not a toll free call and your regular long distance charges will apply. Please call from a quiet location to join the discussion, or just listen in. IL Conversations is a CIL-NET presentation hosted by APRIL in cooperation with ILRU and NCIL, and provides IL practitioners with an opportunity to talk with colleagues about the nuts and bolts of running a center for independent living and providing core and other services, as well as to address broader state and national issues impacting CILs, SILCs, and people with disabilities. Watch for our next IL Conversation Announcement! Different facilitators who are currentlyworking in the field will join us to lead the discussion, answer questions and refer participants to additional resources. IL Conversations originated with the University of Arkansas, CURRENTS.

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