Is This How To Balance The State Budget?


   Stricter Eligibility Criteria for Seniors and People with Disabilities?Politics is our way of life, whether we like it or not. It’s what makes our country great. But it can also be frustrating and confusing. The state of Illinois is facing very difficult times. It is our politician’s responsibility to…

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Who Is Harmed by the Illinois Budget Fiasco?

The QuestionEvery day we read new information about the growing impact of the lack of a budget for the State of Illinois. So who is actually harmed by this? Let’s look at just two examples. ExamplesChildren and families who use subsidized daycare services; the employers of those who lose the…

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Open Letter from Linc’s Director

It is with great sadness that I write to you today advising you that due to the lack of a budget agreement for FY16, LINC will be laying off 7 people and furloughing down to 25.5 hours per week for the remaining 9 staff. Not only will this negatively affect…

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Minds Eye


    For those who live within a 75-mile radius from the South Side of St. Louis, Missouri, you can benefit from Mind’s Eye. Mind’s Eye is a free Reading Service for those who do not have the ability to read printed paper. That also involves those who are blind that…

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The Nami Family-to-Family Program


A new Family to Family Class will be starting on February 25, 2015. If you are interested in attending this 12 week education class for families with a loved one who has serious mental health issues please call 618-798-9788. This is a wonderful free training for family members.    …

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