Welcome to LINC Inc

We are an Independent Living Center (CIL) and we strive to assist people with disabilities to reach their own personal goals.

We prefer to be known by our abilities and not our disabilities.

P.A. Training Dates

February 12th

Ann Ford Award

Kelsee Hill

Annual Dinner

Sept 20th

Every time I call LINC, I am able to get an answer to my questions. I appreciate the work LINC does in the community by helping individuals get out of the nursing home and assisting individuals to live in the community
A. Walls
Belleville, IL
LINC has helped me become way more independent in my new environment.
Sgt. Jon Brough
Recently Blind
LINC has helped me to be independent by assisting me to get out of the nursing home. I thought I was going to be in the nursing home forever until LINC came along to show me I could live on my own
D. Williams
Belleville, IL
"LINC staff helped me to get a place to live and has helped me to cope with being independent."
G. Brooks
Cahokia, IL

Locations & Hours

Swansea Office

#15 Emerald Terrace
Swansea, IL 62226
(618)235-9988 Voice
(618)233-3729 Fax


Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 5:00pm

Red Bud Office

332 North Main Street
Red Bud, IL 62278
618-282-2123 Phone
618-282-2124 Fax


Tuesday & Thursday Only 9am - 4pm