For individuals who have lost their hearing later in life, referred to as late-deafened, information, resources and peer counseling are available. Assistive devices, such as CART (real-time captioning), oral interpreters, and information on closed captioning at area movie theaters is available.
Amplified Phone Testing

The Illinois Telecommunications Access Corporation (ITAC) now has 35 selection centers throughout Illinois where a person can visit and test the newest amplified telephone. To qualify for a free phone you must be an Illinois resident, have a working standard land-line phone service in their home, and be certified by their physician or a certified audiologist as deaf or hard of hearing and unable to use a standard phone.  
For more information on the services available through ITAC and eligibility.

Please contact Libby Oxenham <>

Use of the new Sorenson Video Relay Service is available at LINC for the deaf and hard of hearing as another mode of communication. This service helps give a variety of ways in which to communicate. This new technology is another assistive device available in the deaf and hard of hearing community.  It is also used to break down barriers as a tool for those who are not exposed to the deaf community to communicate with them. For more information on services Sorenson provides click here:

TTY Training for individuals and businesses is available FREE of charge at LINC

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    (VP) 618-310-0054
    (TTY) 618-235-0451

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