Equipment Loans


   LINC is pleased to announce the expansion of the Equipment Loan Program to the Assistive Technology (AT) Re-utilization Program. The expansion will increase access to assistive technology devices and services for people with disabilities throughout the region. LINC has a loan program for some equipment to provide a temporary replacement during times of repair, short term usage or waiting for replacement equipment from insurance providers.

The AT Re-utilization Program is designed to be a one-stop clearinghouse acquiring and distributing recycled durable medical equipment.  AT devices include manual wheelchairs, canes, crutches, walkers, shower chairs, toilet seats, recreational devices, seating cushions, and back supports.  The program also includes education and outreach efforts, clinical service processes, and a regional network of community collaborators.

AT devices are available at a low cost.  A listing of devices is obtainable online at   and by mail. Availability of items are based on the equipment donated and may fluctuate greatly.  

AT Donations
We are currently seeking AT device donations from local hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, and private donors. In-kind AT donors will receive a letter for tax purposes.

Items in highest demand for donation at this are:

Bariatric Manual Wheelchairs

Shower Transfer Benches

We have an excess of standard walkers, so currently we are not accepting donations on these items.

For additional information about the AT Re-utilization Program contact LINC

(618)235-9988 or email




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