Whats Happening – 9.7.2012

What’s Happening?????

Our Annual Dinner is what’s happening!!!  I am excited about our annual dinner, we get to show off our accomplishments, consumers and meet old and new friends!  Our dinner this year is being held at Our Lady of the Snows Shrine in Belleville on September 14 th and if you have not been there please make a stop, it is beautiful!

Our dinner will be fun time for all. Our theme this year is “Past, Present and Future”.  Our decorations for the dinner are done and they are AWESOME!  While some may think business meetings are boring have obviously never been to one of ours! We are such a fun bunch of people, well we think we are anyway! Tickets are going fast so if you want to go and have a great time, call Sandy at 235-9988 . Tickets are $25.00 a person , $50.00 per family which includes 2 people, NFP organization is $75.00 and a For Profit organization is $100.00. The money goes to a great agency and it helps persons with disabilities, what better way to pend your money?

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