Renewal is Important

Well it seems like the dog days of summer are upon us once again. This time of year as the kids return to school always makes me think of starting over. Renewal is an important part of life, and those of us with disabilities as well as those without disabilities, need to take advantage of the process of renewal. Often times living with a disability seems finite, that our future is sealed and only challenges and broken dreams lie ahead. This could not be further from the truth. We may have a “new normal” but we do not have to let that limit us in accomplishing our dreams or being an active part of our community.  We are only limited by the boundaries that we establish for ourselves. For every goal, there is a way to pursue it regardless of our disability. We just need to link up with the right people and maintain our desire and confidence to move forward.
So hold onto your dreams and move toward making them your reality; and as always we here at LINC are here to assist you in pursuing your dreams.

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