Pathways to the Community

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My name is Elaine Searcy and I have been at LINC since November 2012. As LINC’s Transition Coordinator, I assist individuals under the age of 60 residing in nursing homes to discharge from the nursing home to live independently in the community. The program can also assist individuals over 60 if they have a diagnosis of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) or HIV/Aids. The individuals I assist have varied disabilities and have a desire to live in the community. 

Pathways to Community Living is a federal program that assists individuals with home and community based services to support their independence in the community. To qualify for Money Follows the Person Community Reintegration Program one must meet a few requirements:

  1. Live in a nursing facility for at least 90 days
  2. Receive Medicaid for at least 1 day
  3. Has physician approval for safe transition

Individuals qualify for funding once they are approved for reintegration to assist with costs associated with setting up housekeeping such as rent, deposit, past due utility bills, food, household supplies and furniture. As the transition coordinator, I meet with those referred to the program several times in the nursing home and coordinate the transition to the community. Each person decides which community they would like to live in and I assist with completing housing applications.

If you or someone you know could benefit from these services, feel free to call me at 618-235-9988, email me at

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