Minds Eye

Picture of a Minds Eye Radio

    For those who live within a 75-mile radius from the South Side of St. Louis, Missouri, you can benefit from Mind’s Eye. Mind’s Eye is a free Reading Service for those who do not have the ability to read printed paper. That also involves those who are blind that can’t read printed text, stroke victims who can’t turn pages, or those who have a hard time reading. Mind’s Eye is a 24/7 reading service that can read various newspapers, magazines, books, and ads.  In order to sign up and get your free radio or listen online, go to http://www.mindseyeradio.org/ and click on the Join button. You will have the option to receive a free radio, or have online listening, or both. For those who can listen online they can pick a schedule and listen to a show up a week old on their time. Using the Radio you can listen real time broadcasting, which you can stream live online too. Also, if you have an Apple IPhone, IPad, IPod Touch and Mac and or Android device you can listen to Mind’s Eye thru an app called IBlink Radio for free. Feel bored? Give it a try and listen to what is out there around you.

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