LINC’s Hours Being Reduced

Please be aware and spread the word that if no FY17 budget or bridge agreement is signed by the end of June, LINC will be forced to reduce service hours. Starting the first full week of July LINC will be reducing office hours to 3 days per week. The Swansea office will be open Tuesdays, Weds and Thursdays 8am - 5pm. The Red Bud Office will be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am-4pm.

We will maintain these hours without further layoff of staff for as long as is prudently possible. LINC Board and Staff are dedicated to continuing to provide services and to looking at more unique ways of meeting needs should this issue continue long into the new fiscal year which begins July 1.

If you yourself or family members are receiving services from other providers you need to call now and ask how the Illinois budget situation will impact your services. Many social service agencies that have scraped through this last year are experiencing serious financial difficulty which will force service reductions or changes. You can help by calling your legislators and the Governors office and letting them know how their actions are affecting you! We here at LINC will keep you informed of our status as this challenge moves forward.



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