LINC Celibrates Blind/Deaf Week with its own

Hello my name is Daniel Hawkins. I am an DeafBlind Advocate at LINC Inc. As an DeafBlind myself, I have experience in living independently with dual sensory loss. Many people think just losing your hearing or vision is bad, but not both. However I am here to tell you it is possible, and that’s is why I am here to help others.Due to my love of technology I have learned what it is like to rely on Adaptive Technology to help you live independently. Here at LINC we have many different way to help a person live independently such as

 communication, transportation, independent living, and entertainment. As a Deaf/Blind, with dual sensory loss, my world is not smaller. Thanks to the support in this community and learning new ways to live and a wild imagination I can live as independently as others can. I am here to help you do just that.Some of things I help others here at LINC Inc. Since I have learned how to use the IPhone, and IPad it have greatly increased my communication, and entertainment. So here I can train other blind, or Deaf/Blind on how to use the Apple’s handheld devices. We also offer training on Braille, and Windows bsed computers along with Apple Macintosh computers.

Myself and another Deaf Advocate here know American Sign language we can teach a Deaf or Deaf/Blind person on how to sign. As a Deaf/Blind, I rely on tactile ASL. Which mean I would put my hands on yours and you or I can sign like a normal Deaf person. Yes, it can be a bit awkward holding your hands. But over the years every person grew comfortable with it after the first few minuets. Also, how does a Deaf/Blind use a computer or read books? Braille! Both Blind and Deaf/Blind can use Braille to read books, labels, or what’s on the Computer or IPhone.

On a computer or IPhone, a Blind person can use a Refresh-able Braille Display that can display one line of braille electronically. The dots can raise or lower for each line. This method can be use by Deaf/Blind to do a two way communication with a portable unit, with a qwerty keyboard for the sighted person. As of now, my biggest goal in living independently is to learn all about assistance technology for the Blind, and DeafBlind and be able to teach them on how to use them and use it independently.

If you know anyone, family member, or yourself are experiencing a vision, hearing loss of any degree, feel free to stop by. I am always up for a chat, peer support, and we are happy to show you what’s is out there. This also includes people that may have some vision loss, some hearing loss, or total vision and hearing loss. A Deaf/Blind  can be anyone who have any loss with their vision and hearing, you don’t have to be completely deaf/blind to receive our services.

Feel free to stop by or email and we can chat!



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