Do You have the Right Meds?

Hello my Low Vision/No Vision friends;

  Let me spend a little of your time and share something with you that was scary for me.

  I recently was given new medication and I thought I knew what my medication looked like, well let me tell you something that was not true.

  I asked my children about the meds and they confirmed that I was right about the Meds. Well it seems that some drugs companies use the bubble container and different drugs are used. I took the wrong Med and experience a little discomfort. I am telling you this so if you are having trouble with your Meds don’t hesitate in getting your Med checked and some kind of marking on the bottles so you will know

Thank you. Marilyn.

  Here at LINC we can help you come up with some kind of marking so you can tell what Meds you are taking. Call LINC ask for Marilyn Hughes 618-235-9988

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