A Good Book & A Good Pattern

Marilyn Hughes Retirement Celebration

Marilyn Hughes was born the eldest of 5 children in 1945 in St. Louis. She was educated at the Jacksonville, Illinois School for the Blind starting at age 6, spending 9 months a year away from her family. Marilyn remembers Joanna Cargill & her Husband Floyd fondly who tought her many indepence skills including reading braille and writing.

She married her high-school sweetheart and raised 3 of her children and adopted another. In 1976 she went to work for the State of Illinois in Springfield for 15 years. After a move south to Belleville, IL she found LINC Inc and Volunteered for 3 years as a receptionest. In 1996 LINC was able to bring her on as staff where she went on to become an Information & Referral Specialist and a Blind Skills Trainer. Do to The Great Illinois Budget Crisis of 2015-16 Linc was forced to cut services and Marilyn, facing layoff statues, decided to retire. She has continued to volunteer at LINC as a receptionist.

It would be impossible to calculate the influence Marilyn has had over the years to thousands of people but numbers would be the last thing on Marilyn’s mind. Change has come and she plans to roll with those changes and continue to help and assist people in their quest for independence. Meanwhile she will continue her personal passion of a “good book and a good pattern” while crocheting.


Come wish her good will at her Retirement Celebration here at LINC on January 29, 2016 between 4:00-6:30 p.m.

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This event will be held at LINC's Main Office



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