Social Security Disability Resource Center

Once again I found myself struggling with what to blog about this month. I wanted to provide information about something useful that our community would benefit from. With the availability of information on the internet right at our fingertips, what could I possibly write that would be beneficial? Then it hit me! How often have I needed to look up information but found that there is so much out there I got lost in the search? So, I have decided to run a series on resources. Each week I will post a new resource related to disabilities or independent living.

This week’s resource is about obtaining social security. Social Security Disability Resource Center is a website that has a vast array of information with topics like: Tips for Filing a Claim; How Likely are You to Win Your Case; and Common Mistakes After Receiving a Denial.

So, go to and take a look.

As always, remember that information on the internet is only a good as the people that put it there and LINC cannot be responsible for the accuracy of the content of other websites.

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