Blind/Low Vision

Computer & Assistive Technology Training for the Blind /Low Vision

This program is for those wishing to learn skills necessary to remain or enter the workforce. LINC offers FREE training to working-age adults that will equip them with the tools necessary to attain or retain employment.


Training and services available include:

Basic computer training using Assistive Technology (AT) software that provides speech output and/or magnification. This includes training in the Windows operating system, word processing, spreadsheets, email and internet. Assistive Technology training using the most popular AT devices on the market today. These include; optical and electronic magnification devices, scan-to-speech systems, voice note takers, voice-output PDA's and a variety of daily living aids.

Pre-employment skills training – Resume writing and interview skills. Peer support for those adjusting to a new vision changes.

Additionally LINC can provide services for living independently with Peer Support, helping you stay involved with the activities you enjoy. LINC Peers can provide ideas for Blind/Low Vision individuals to continue to use home appliances such as microwaves and laundry machines using simple assistive technology. Peer experience can provide important tips and tricks for staying independent in the home. We have the applications for the Department of Treasury I-BILL currency identifier and the Talking Book Program through the Library of Congress and can assist in the application process.

LINC can provide some small aids to make every day actions easier with 20/20 Ink Pins and bold line paper for low vision individuals, assistance getting or setting up electronic devices to aid in magnification, talking clocks, liquid level indicators for filling drinking glasses and other small things to make everyday tasks easier.

Training and assistance are offered on the following areas and software:

  • Windows 7 basic computer skills, along with basic keyboard skills.
  • Screenreaders for Windows JAWS and NVDA
  • Apple products: 
    Macintosh Computers with Voiceover screenreader
  • Apple handheld iDevices: IPhone, Ipad, and IPod Touch with Voiceover screenreader.
  • Low vision assistance with Zoomtext on both Windows and Mac computers.
  • Odin IV phone training for basic cell phone for the blind.
  • NLS, (National Library Service)/Talking Books, player training and how to find and download books from NLS website.

LINC also offers in the home navigation tips and Independent Living Skills.

Braille Literacy Services are available at the Swansea and Red Bud offices. Basic Braille skills are an important skill even with today’s technology, both Grade 1 Uncontracted Braille and Grade 2 Contracted Braille.

New Seekers blind support group that meets the second Thursday of the month from 1pm to 3pm in the Swansea LINC office.

Please check back as LINC is looking to expand training into the following areas:

Windows Eyes 
Upcoming Windows 10 and it’s accessibilty
Linux with the Orca screenreader

Contact us in our Swansea or Red Bud office for more information on reaching your personal goals, returning to work or maintaining/increasing your independence), LINC has services for you.



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